Pitbull single “Game On” featured for 2010 FIFA World Cup

FIFA and Sony Music Entertainment select Pitbull’s “Game On” as the Official Mascot Song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa. The song merges musicianship from 3 continents; Pitbull of Cuban heritage by way of Miami, Florida in the USA, local South African group TKZee & UK artist/producer Dario G, to create a blending of European dance mixed with Latin soul and African groove to further signify the unification of culture across this global event. The Mascot song will be heard at each of the 9 Soccer stadiums in South Africa during the months long tournament. Additionally, the song is one of 3 bonified official songs included on Listen Up! The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album™. All proceeds from the song will benefit FIFA’s Official Campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ “20 Centers for 2010.”

The soundtrack album is a charity driven project, with all of Sony Music’s net profits being donated to Africa-related charities and all of FIFA’s net profits being donated to the Official Campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ “20 Centres for 2010”. This campaign creates 20 Football for Hope Centres for education, public health and football in disadvantaged communities across Africa. In addition to the official album, Sony Music will be releasing three songs, including the official song of the mascot Zakumi.

“I am excited to be part of a global event and humbled that “Game On” will be heard around the world” says Pitbull. “The FIFA World Cup is seen every where but knowing that proceeds from my song will give back to African charities is the biggest gift.”

TKZee says “It is a privilege and an honour being on the official 2010 FIFA World Cup album.”

“It’s a massive honour to be given the opportunity to continue the tradition of brilliant official FIFA mascot songs,” says Dario G “I live and breathe both World football, African music and “Game On” epitomizes the spirit of the World Cup in Africa – the simple infectious melody and lyrics.”

Sony Music Entertainment is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corp., an Official Partner of the FIFA World Cup South Africa™.

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