Lights Over Paris biography

Robb University aka “TaLLLLL”- Vocals
W/P – Keys
Devin Bronson – Guitars
Dave Gentry aka Big D. Dave – Drums
Mike Torres – Bass

Who are Lights Over Paris?

As a teenager in 2005, W/P did a web search for “singers” for his band The Voice to compete in a battle of the bands. Singer TaLLLLL responded to the search and what would eventually be Lights Over Paris, began to take shape. After competing in battle of the bands, the two of them took all their savings, rented out a cheap studio and cut eight songs. They posted these songs on their MySpace page. Soon they captured the attention of songwriter and producer Matt “JetSet” Salazar. The Voice broke up but Salazar came in and cut four new songs and brought in another addition, DJ Shiny to help W/P and TaLLLLL shape the sound of the band now known as Lights Over Paris.

Lights Over Paris operates with a group mentality. The lyrical content, stage show and party atmosphere are a direct representation of the music that pours through the blood of each member. Front man TaLLLLL writes the lyrics and melodies summoning his own life experiences as well as his active imagination. W/P rocks out on his custom Keytar providing the piano based tracks that are evident throughout Lights Over Paris’ music. W/P has been a noted classical piano player since the age of five. Lead Guitarist Devin Bronson is the seasoned veteran of Lights Over Paris as he has not only toured with multi-platinum acts like Avril Lavigne but also helmed the music director reigns, the same position he holds with Lights Over Paris. Dave Gentry has been playing drums since 12 years old, touring since a teenager and kicks ass on the Pork Pie Lights Over Paris kit. Rounding out the band is Mike Torres who was handpicked for his mind blowing bass playing (playing upside down) and leadership, Mike has been touring worldwide for acts such as Ashley Tisdale.

Lights Over Paris dropped its first EP, Turn Off The Lights EP on April 13, 2010 on Type One Records/Digital Records. With musical influences ranging from AC/DC and Oingo Boingo, Kanye West and Lady Gaga to Blink 182 and Green Day, Lights Over Paris is not limited to one particular genre. “The EP is really designed to have very unique tracks that suit various types of moods the audience could be feeling on any given day. I wanted to make an album where all the songs didn’t sound the same”, says TaLLLLL, “My influences were all over the place.”
Although the music comes first, the social interactions come in a close second. Lights Over Paris is the marriage of music and the show Entourage. The parties are not just a way to blow off steam as much as they are a way to bringing fans to that next level of being a part of your favorite band. “People should expect a lot of movement and random events happening throughout the show” states TaLLLLL “A little after party to get to know the fans, always something eventful. Fans are most important to us.” Lights Over Paris have been known to create events just so that fans can get involved and get the most out of there Lights Over Paris experience.

The first single, a radio SMASH called “Turn Off The Lights”, produced by Kevin Rudolf (“Let It Rock”) is heating up the airwaves. The band is now preparing for its first nationwide tour to kick off on the West Coast this FALL! The guys always have a plan lined up before and after the show, so regardless of anything else, people who come to a Lights Over Paris show can count on having an INSANE night!





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  1. Fan of Good Music Avatar
    Fan of Good Music

    This band is terrible emo pop that should stay in the garage give it a nice garage somewhere in orange county but no one should ever spend money on trash like this

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