Damone – From The Attic

Artist: Damone
Title: From The Attic
Label: RCA
Rating: 5.5/10

The Line: Average punk rock.

The Good:
Nothing great.

The Marginal:
“Carwash Romance” – Riding your bike to the carwash to see your sweetheart and getting high. Boy those were the days. Whatever.
“Frustrated Unnoticed” – This is what rock sounds like when you give a chick a front-woman position in a rock band and she wants to prove so bad that she is a hardass and cooler than Avril. Damone works too hard to try to show they are cool.
“Up To You” – Yawn. Paint-by-numbers rock.

The Bad:
“On My Mind” – What? They can’t be serious. I was waiting for Rick Springfield to come out and start singing.

Frankly: Adding a female singer doesn’t make a band unique. Damone needs to actually try harder rather than pretending to do so. Damone has mediocre written all over it.

+ rae gun

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