Video: allstar Weekend “Dance Forever”

Allstar Weekend
Allstar Weekend
A little more than a year ago the members of Allstar Weekend – Zach, Cameron, Nathan and Michael – were passing out flyers outside the premiere of Jonas Bothers: The 3-D Concert Experience, hoping to be discovered. Today, after a whirlwind year of writing, recording, and touring, the band is releasing their debut album Suddenly on Hollywood Records.

Citing influences from from blink-182 to Prince, Allstar Weekend enlisted the help of three heavy-hitting producers to capture their sound: Howard Benson (Daughtry, My Chemical Romance), John Feldmann (Goldfinger, Good Charlotte), and S*A*M & Sluggo (Cobra Starship, Metro Station). High energy pop-punk from start to finish, Suddenly is already #5 on the iTunes Rock Chart and features the smash singles “A Different Side of Me,” which hit number one on the Radio Disney Countdown, and “Dance Forever,” the video for which debuted at number two on the iTunes video chart.

The album is available in stores and online now. Walmart is offering an exclusive version featuring three live performances, while fans who have already downloaded “A Different Side of Me” and “Dance Forever” can complete their album on iTunes for under $5! Visit for more information about the band and their debut, as well as a list of the band’s remaining tour dates.

Video: Allstar Weekend “Dance Forever”

Allstar Weekend
Allstar Weekend
Allstar Weekend debuted the music video for their new single “Dance Forever” over the weekend, and the video is already at #2 on the iTunes charts. Join the party, and check it out now!

“Dance Forever,” along with “A Different Side of Me” and the track “Hey Princess” will be on the band’s debut album Suddenly, in stores June 22nd.

Video: Allstar Weekend “A Different Side of Me”

Allstar Weekend
Pop rockers Allstar Weekend have just premiered their new video for “A Different Side Of Me.” The track will appear on their forthcoming debut album due out this summer on Hollywood Records.

Allstar Weekend were discovered by the founders of Drive-Thru Records, and they are currently in the studio with the likes of Howard Benson (The All-American Rejects, Kelly Clarkson), Eddie Galan (Colby O’Donis, Mitchel Musso), Charlotte Caffey (The Go-Go’s), John Feldmann (Goldfinger, The Veronicas), and Dave Bassett (Marie Digby, Shinedown).

Allstar Weekend biography

Allstar Weekend
Zach – Vocals, Guitar
Nathan – Guitar, Vocals
Cameron – Bass
Michael – Drums

Even though Zach, Nathan, Cameron and Michael are still in their teens, they carry themselves like stars. So why not call themselves Allstar Weekend? The Hollywood Records quartet may be young, but they have the talent, nerve and off-the-chart charm needed to go all the way. And don’t worry. They will.

Beyond their exceptional musicianship and stage presence, these guys write great pop songs: melodic, smart and edgy. Zach and Nathan do most of the writing (though Cameron and Michael weigh in). Moreover, they wield a mature craftsmanship beyond their years. It’s unmistakable in songs like the synth-hook-laden “Dance Forever” and the introspective “Journey to the End of My Life,” available as a download on iTunes.

“I’m a kid,” says lyricist Zach, “so I feel issues a kid my age would listen to. I try not to write every song about a girl.” Adds Nathan, “When we first came to this band, we just felt we had to write all the time. That’s all we did. We just developed this cool writing process, and people started liking it.”

Currently Allstar Weekend is in the studio working the likes of Howard Benson, Eddie Galan, Charlotte Caffey, John Feldman and Dave Bassett. But long before that, San Diego band’s homegrown demos were good enough to wow siblings Richard and Stefanie Reines, founders of Drive-Thru Records, and now managers of the band. “We don’t freak out about bands too often, and we never insist every band we work with is destined for Top 40 success,” says Stefanie. “Allstar Weekend is one of those rare instances where we just know they’re going to be huge.”

The son of a working musician, Nathan credits his dad for teaching him the finer points of music appreciation. Zach was raised on a steady diet of Bruce Springsteen and Elton John, artists he credits for inspiring his artful approach to songwriting. Cameron fell in love with his parents’ 80’s pop classics, from Prince and Michael Jackson to Duran Duran, later graduating to Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King.

Zach and Cameron had been friends since middle school, but the makings of Allstar Weekend didn’t begin until Nathan met Zach later in high school. Though a year apart, they saw in each other kindred musical spirits, and began a string of garage bands. “Then Zach and I decided to take our abilities somewhere else,” remembers Nathan. “We wrote songs and recorded in our bedroom, then put the music up on Myspace.”

Not long after, first Cameron, then Michael came aboard and the line-up was complete. With key influences like the music of Queen and Blink-182 at their back, the band wasted no time getting serious about developing their careers. “It wasn’t just the artists who inspired us,” recalls Zach, “but the producers. We tried to figure out how they made things sound the way they did. It was a trial and error process, and when we first met, it was our entire life. We’d sit there all day figuring out how to get certain tones out of the guitars, how producers tracked vocals, how drums were mixed.”

Still, they found time to perform locally and build a fan base. “Our biggest asset was our self -promotion,” says Zach. “We were going out and plugging our band. It’s what got us noticed.”

The Walt Disney Company sure noticed. The band was selected to participate in Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing” program, and the reaction was so positive, Hollywood Records grabbed them. So far, they’ve racked up more than 2.5 million Myspace plays and 50,000 You Tube plays for their video of “Journey To The End Of My Life.” In concert, Allstar Weekend has shared the stage with bands like Justin Bieber, Maine, Forever The Sickest Kids, Selena Gomez and Savanna. Typically their live shows turn into a picture-and-autograph frenzy. “A few months ago we didn’t have a single fan,” laughs Cameron. “Now we love hanging out with them and getting to know them.”

With their new 24/7 whirlwind existence, the members of Allstar Weekend have mastered the art of chilling, and do not take themselves too seriously. Which is a good thing, considering the frenzy is only just beginning. “We never clash and we’re always on the same page,” says Nathan. “That’s because we have music in common.”

So America might do well to get ready for Allstar Weekend. Because at this point, there simply no way to stop them. “Every day freaks us out,” says Zach with a smile. “How cool is that?”