The Waterboys

The Waterboys

After a hiatus of nearly 10 years, Mike Scott & Co. deliver A Rock in the Weary Land, and the consensus is in: it was well worth the wait! Produced by Mike Scott and featuring original Boys member Anthony Thistlewaite, A Rock in the Weary Land is The Waterboys’ return to the epic sound and songwriting of classic albums like This is the Sea – a sound that made them among the first true UK alternative rock stars.

After 10 years of silence from even the most significant rock act, you’d expect that the fans would’ve grown up and left home – that is far from the truth! A major market tour during the winter of 2001 saw 15 sold out gigs at 2000 – 3000 capacity venues throughout the country! Those who came out not only watched Mike Scott and a killer band belting out Waterboys classics, but heard a significant number of songs from A Rock in the Weary Land. The response was phenomenal.

A Rock in the Weary Land features 14 new songs – including the first US single and title track “A Rock…”, and 2 tracks exclusive to the American CD version.

The Waterboys’ core audience (which has bought over 1,000,000 copies of the band’s albums) has already signaled its enthusiasm for a new album. Razor & Tie’s multi-faceted marketing and promotion campaign will re-energize those core fans while reaching out to legions of potential new fans. The band will undertake a 30-date fall tour, covering both major and secondary markets. An aggressive retail visibility program in all markets nationwide is set to begin shortly after street date with additional tour co-op scheduled as well. Media support is expected to kick-in beginning on street date with reviews in national print, major market entertainment weeklies, online publications, local and regional print and local and national television. July 30 is the add date for the first Waterboys’ single in 10 years at AAA and Alternative radio.

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