Ashanti – The Declaration – music review

ashanti the declaration
Artist: Ashanti
Title: The Declaration
Label: Motown
Rating: 4/10

Corporate line:
The incomparable Ashanti is back with “The Declaration”!!This multiple Grammy winner and R&B superstar has delivered some of her most powerful and passionate songs yet. “The Declaration” features the smash hit “The Way That I Love”, which showcases the power of Ashanti’s soulful voice as she tells the heart wrenching story of a scorned lover. This 13 song set is Ashanti’s 4th studio album and first since 2004. Ashanti has been busy developing her acting career with John Tucker Must Die, Coach Carter, and Resident Evil, and now she returns to deliver a career defining album!

The hits:
“So Over You” f/Akon – Ashanti and Akon are a fairly dynamic duo.
“Body On Me” f/Akon and Nelly – The one and only single on the entire album. Ashanti needed some help to make this hit worthwhile.

The rest:
“The Way That I Love You” – An average single that lacks any fire.
“You’re Gonna Miss” – Ditto the previous song–but worse.
“Struggle” – This ballad is boring. It was tough to get through the whole song without fast forwarding.
“Girlfriend” – The beat crunches but the lyrics never live up to the hype. Ashanti is trying to sing a song that’s sexy–it doesn’t work.
“Things You Make Me Do” f/Robin Thicke – Crappy instrumental. The song is 100% corny.

What is Ashanti declaring on “The Declaration” anyway? It’s a great album title for an artist like Mary J. Blige. Ashanti’s version of a declaration is pretty weak. There are no really good tracks. Everything is pure formula pop.