Line Of Sight: Vietnam

Line Of Sight: Vietnam
Game: Line Of Sight: Vietnam
Platform: PC
Studio: Infogrames
Rating: 8/10

Game Company’s Description: Ambush the Vietnamese army in the dead of night as you track enemy soldiers through dense Southeastern jungles!

Look: Fantastic graphics. The jungle is astonishing to look at. The trees to the grass to the bushes, amazing and the soldiers are designed well. The best part is the attention to detail from smoke to uniforms.

Feel: The action is crazy. I can’t tell you just how sweaty my palms got when in the heat of battle. You can actually feel your body tense up as you get into a shoot out. Now that is a game.

You have an assortment of weapons to choose from, but when you kill an enemy you can take when they have left behind. You can also pick up weapons and ammo from your troop members. The problem with sniping in here is it seems you aren’t really very well hidden as you seemingly get spotted too easily.

Hear: The environmental sounds are good. You can hear everything from chatting enemies to thunder to a snapping twig. Brilliant.

Frankly: Impressive. Very impressive.

+ rick carey

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