Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Game: Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Platform: Playstation 2
Studio: Interplay
Rating: 8/10

Does funny work in a game that is all about blowing things away? Well, read more about the fun filled Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

Look: Not having the chance to play the PC version, I can only say that the PS2 version, though it has a few problems here and there, is brilliant.

There are huge landscapes that get some decent detail. There are a lot of polygons that stick here and there as you walk, yet you can forgive that for what comes with the rest involved. The major visual impairment is when you get behind or under and object. Somehow you can magically see through it. I was stuck under a rock in the middle of piranha-filled waters and when I fell below a huge boulder I could magically see through it.

Feel: The controls take some serious time to get used to. Honestly, I still can’t say I like the way they work. One stick works the movement and the other works your plane of view. It can get annoying quick lining up a shot or setting up a bomb. Personally, I like the ability to adjust my control. All you can do here is change the button formations. That is no fun.

Hear: The voice-acting is the best part of the game. There is some great dialogue and its brilliantly funny and witty. Chap.

Frankly: With huge levels, there is a lot to see and play with. The feeling of having free run of the land is fun. There are no real constraints as to what follows next and that is wonderful. Aside from my beef with the control, Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a good twenty-plus hours of hilarious fun.

+ rj lark

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