Three Colours Red – Revolt

Three Colours Red
Artist: Three Colours Red
Title: Revolt
Label: Sony
Rating: 4.5/10

These guys have almost all of the right pieces in place, but it seems that they aren’t sure whether they want to be a punks or balladeers. The first track, “This Is My Time”, is a pretty ballad, beginning the bizarre progression of this album. On Revolt, each and every track gets more and more aggressive as the album nears its end.

“Pirouette” begins to pick up steam. The song is catchy, but not all that great. That is where “Beautiful Day” comes in as back up. The strings add great depth to the chorus and help build to its climax. Pete Vuckovic’s voice is crippling and the chugging guitars that hide behind his voice on “Song On The Radio” are as rough as sandpaper. This track is a real shot in the arm. “Calling To The Outside” gets even more punk. I’m starting to get the feeling that they really like The Replacements. “Intermission” continues to trample everything in its path until it slows to a trippy end. One thing that you’ll notice about 3 Colours Red’s songs is that they fly by. Usually, four minutes into a song you’ll find yourself looking to move on, and then the next track begins there and you are back to square one.

“Paralyze” is not very convincing. The chorus struts along, “Lies that paralyze/ don’t step on me man/ look at your own skies/ I get the feeling it’s me and the sunrise.” Not quite an anthem and from the sound of it they are trying to capture something of the old AC/DC. Too bad they don’t quite reach such heights. “Cancel The Exhibition” is, as Vuckovic says, the song with “the ultimate ‘fuck this’ feel.” “Paranoid People” is another attempt at an anthem, closer however, they still can’t seem to jump that hurdle. They admit to have borrowed the origin for “Paranoid People” from the Beatle’s “Tomorrow Never Knows” and it shows. Still, it is like comparing your neighbor’s CB antenna to the Eiffel Tower. “Back To The City” is a smack at some unnamed band whose heads swelled to mammoth proportions when they made it big.

3 Colours Red seems to have no problem borrowing from their idols and the last track is the perfect example. “Age Of Madness” is a great song, sounding like an AC/DC cover, apparently an attempt to cover the era when Bon Scott was the frontman. And I have to admit it sounds better than anything AC/DC has done in over a decade; maybe 3 Colours Red has found a niche after all.

+ rae gun

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