From the very beginning, Brooklyn’s Piston have sought to challenge themselves and through constant composing and relentless touring, the quartet have skillfully crafted an unstoppable machine that quivers at nothing. Emotion dwells at the core of this determined band and for the many who have already come in contact, the pleasure is grand. Now things are about to get better.

With a monstrous sound that caters to the down-and-outer, Piston delivers high tension music for a low-thought world. On ‘NUMBER ONE,’ the band delivers one hell of a sonic punch, one that sways from extreme power to beautiful melody. Spanning numerous styles and tempos, it presents a seasoned outfit that has benefited from years of experimentation.

Recorded at Systems Two Studios in Brooklyn, ‘NUMBER ONE’ was produced by long-time friend and supporter Josh Silver (Type O Negative). Through their comfortable working relationship, they have created a solid debut that finds a niche all its own. From the agility of album opener ‘Parole,’ and passions of ‘Turbulent’ and ‘Grey Flap,’ to the desperation of ‘I Am No One,’ and ‘I’m Afraid Of Life,’ ‘NUMBER ONE’ contains material that far exceeds what one expects from a debut recording. Songs are articulated by the band’s intense rhythm section and Fonts’ harsh vocals and darkened lyrics.

‘I tend to write songs in a couple of hours, therefore it’s a quick thought process,’ says Henry, the band’s main songwriter. ‘My songs are literally in real time resulting in much more emotion in the closing 30 seconds. Our album lasts 45 minutes; about the time of your average shrink session.’

A work-in-progress for nearly five years, Piston have spent much of their days crafting a solid musical foundation. With more than a dozen demos recorded, most for their own benefit, the band have been working at a manic pace. The band has but one commercially available recording, a solo contribution to Metal Massacre 12. Touring has been an important vehicle for the band. In as little as a year, the band have performed over 200 shows, reaching most of the northeast and midwest. The show, packed with high energy and emotion, leaves new audiences impressed.

‘Some people feed off of their fears; others feed off their happiness. I have taken all of my emotions and I’ve turned them into full-fledged anger,’ says Val Ium. ‘Anger propels everything I’ve done in my lifetime. As misunderstood as I feel, once in awhile a few people identify with what I’m doing on stage and that makes it all worthwhile.’

While it has been a long time coming, Piston are far from reaching their goal. The next 12 months will include more hard work. They will utilize their entire being to become the best they can. All you need to do is watch and listen.

Piston recently completed dates with The Misfits and Life of Agony.

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