Beyonce – B’Day

Artist: Beyonce
Title: B’Day
Label: Columbia
Rating: 7/10

CORPORATE LINE: The follow-up to Beyonce’s multi-platinum Dangerously In Love features 10 hot new tracks including the explosive first single off the album “Deja Vu” and the red-hot “Ring The Alarm.”

“Get Me Bodied” – A beat that sounds odd at first starts to fall into the background as Beyonce takes the song and flows on a track that sounds like it came right from the Nelly school of hip-hop. It’s remarkably appealling.
“Green Light” – This is not a complicated song—but it does kick out a hook that is irresistible.

“Déjà vu” f/Jay-Z – At about the three minute mark Beyonce screams the lyrics to a pitch that echoes in my tweeters. Jay-Z doesn’t even have his usual stellar flow. For a single, “Déjà vu” lacks the ear pleasing style of her other hits.
“Upgrade U” – The tempo might be geared back a little, but Beyonce works it out as you will find it impossible not to sing along.
“Ring The Alarm” – Give it to Beyonce for rocking out as her vocals wail with a fire alarm and sounds grittier than she’s ever been.
“Kitty Kat” – Sexy and seductive—but not a hit.


FRANKLY: Beyonce’s B’Day isn’t a bad album—it’s just not an album to get very excited about. Beyonce is an artist that we hold to a certain amount of esteem because of the hits she has produced and her status as a star. B’Day has its moments. The best thing that can be said about B’Day is that it’s her most ambitious album and if this is a taste of what’s to come we can only wait in great anticipation.

+ Rae Gun