Alice Peacock – Alice Peacock

Artist: Alice Peacock
Title: Alice Peacock
Label: Columbia
Rating: 6.5/10

Minnesota native Alice Peacock brings her brand of simply warm and comforting songs to each of us from her past of being a folky.
Reminds you of: Sheryl Crow.

“Alabama Boy” – Makes you feel all warm inside.

“Leading With My Heart” – She takes a chance as we seldom do. It pays off.

“Bliss” and “I’ll Start With Me” – Sure to inspire.

“Boy In The Backseat” – Lovely.

“Imagination” – Nice, until she tries to spread the title out over a few beats.
“Parallel Life”

A few tracks fall somewhere in the middle. They aren’t bad, but they don’t hold their own against the first four tracks. Even then a handful of great tracks are better than most can say these days. Alice Peacock hasn’t abandoned folk music, instead she’s taking the basic ingredients and incorporated some long-hard rules of making music accessible to the public. It works and works damn well.

+ rae gun

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