Christina Milian – Christina Milian

Artist: Christina Milian
Title: Christina Milian
Label: Def Soul
Rating: 8/10

Christina Milian has grown from a Disney Channel interviewing gig to acting on a dozen or so shows into what has become a beautiful and extremely intriguing singer.

“AM To PM” is hot. What makes this whole album hotter is that Christina has her hands in the writing. She isn’t just a singer. You should know she’s writing songs for J.LO and Destiny’s Child. “Twitch” gives a taste of Christina’s vocal skills while still giving you a dose of her writing and melodic skill.

“It Hurts When” is deep-hearted and reminds me a lot of Janet Jackson. That is not a bad thing. “Satisfaction Guaranteed” is Janet on amphetamines. “Thank You” is more Jackson, and I hope no one feels like I’m dogging Milan for this route because it’s almost impossible not to make the comparisons or deny the quality. The songs are unique, but it’s obvious who Milan’s idol is. I think “Thank You” is a tribute to this.

It was “Got To Have You” that hooked me right away. It sums the album up well, looking for love, love not being something to run from but to run to. Christina Milan has all the ingredients and more to be the next big superstar. Look out divas, here she comes.

+ rae gun

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