John Mayer – Continuum

John Mayer
Artist: John Mayer
Title: Continuum
Label: Columbia
Rating: 8/10

CORPORATE LINE: John Mayer has touched millions of fans with his lyrical voice and incredible guitar virtuoso. His new album Continuum features a soulful, cohesive collection of songs including his politically aware single “Waiting on the World to Change” and a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Bold As Love”. Continuum highlights Mayer’s love of blues and proves that he is not afraid to take chances by making the music that he enjoys.

“Waiting On The World To Change” – Mayer seems to have a bigger message dealing with misinformation that takes our minds away from the issues in the world today. Then there are the bits and pieces about Mayer and his generation waiting for something to happen—without their interaction. The song is very deceiving because it never sounds like its tackling anything—it comes like a gentle rain until you realize you’re caught in a war.
“Gravity”- A good song to sit back and relax with someone or alone when you need to clear your mind.
“Stop This Train” – A beautifully introspective track about not wanting to get older and deal with issues like death and being an adult facing mortality.
“In Repair” – Hearts break and Mayer has the great ability to put those feelings into words and make you look at the situation in a different way.
“I’m Gonna Find Another You” – Is a great way to conclude Continuum. It reminds me of Christmas for some reason. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of being alone on Christmas and listening to songs like this—but it moved me and that’s all that matters.

“I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” – Mayer does sounds so much like Lionel Richie that you start to feel like its 1989.
“Belief” – This is a song that is reminiscent of Sting and the smooth jazz sounds combined with interesting instruments that give it a worldly flavor.
“The Heart Of Life” – Definitely a lovely song that you will put you in good spirits.
“Bold Is Love” – Mayer tackles a Hendrix cover. Mayer doesn’t embarrass himself. He even does a decent job of making it his own.


FRANKLY: It shouldn’t really be a surprise that John Mayer’s Continuum is good. What is amazing is how deep the album is from track one to track twelve. Each track offers a song with lyrics that aren’t feeble and he never leaves the listener a chance to fast forward to the next track. Sure, some of the tracks might be written off as corny and wimpy—so what? Mayer even made me feel a little home sick—and a little heart sick. The ability to evoke emotions is what makes an average song great and Mayer finds a way to stir up emotions all the way through Continuum.

+ Rae Gun

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