For the past six years Loudmouth, the Chicago-based quartet, have watched a myriad of disaffected slackers mangle rock with their angst-ridden lyrics, dysfunctional frontmen and shoegazing performances. Now, finally, Loudmouth offer their alternative: a sound that brings back rock’s once-confident swagger by stomping to the beat of a different drummer.

Loudmouth (vocalist/guitarist Bob Feddersen, bassist Mike Flaherty, guitarist Tony McQuaid and drummer John Sullivan) are rock fundamentalists. Their amp-taxing interpretation of the blues blends superchunky guitars and bone-cracking beats with insistent, hook-laden melodies and sticky, pop-savvy choruses. But then, what would you expect from a band raised on a steady diet of Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Kiss? But make no mistake, Loudmouth’s sonic signature: Feddersen’s naked, soulful grit, McQuaid’s fuzzfest of Sabbath-like riffs and the propulsive drive of Sullivan and Flaherty’s syncopated rhythms represents much more than just nostalgia.

Produced by Sullivan and Joe Barresi (Melvins, Queens of the Stone Age), and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge (Orgy, Hole), Loudmouth’s self-titled debut is old school rock played for the new millenium. Needless to say, their absolute lack of pretension and remorse is as refreshing as their tuneful roar. “We’ve never pretended or aspired to be anything other than a no-frills, blue-collar hard rock band. We play heavy music and we have a damn good time doing it. If that’s unhip, so be it. No one’s forcing you to listen.”

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