The Hot Boys

hot boys

Welcome to New Orleans, the home of Mardi Gras, the French Quarters, the colorful lights of Bourbon street, and the legendary Hot Boys. They made the term “Bling Bling” a staple phrase in the hip-hop lexicon and helped Cash Money Records change the face of traditional rap music. And now in 2003, the boys are back at it again with their new hit album, Let ‘Em Burn.

Each member of the Hot Boys has their own unique style that adds weight to their impeccable hybrid of voices. Their un-paralleled individualism can be heard on each of their successful solo endeavors. Juvenile exercised his “down south flow” on the multi-platinum albums 400 Degrees, The G Code, Project English, and the underground classic Soulja Rag. BG offered seven albums to the hip-hop scene of which Chopper City in The Ghetto and Checkmate are certified gold. Lil’ Wayne continued the momentum with the platinum sets, Tha Block is Hot, and 500 Degrees. And last but not least, Young Turk held his own with his first solo debut Young N’ Thuggin.

The Hot Boys’ undisputed fire began to spread when the four label-mates traded verses on Juvenile’s Solja Rag LP. The natural chemistry among the four was so intense and electrifying that the public took to them immediately and fueled the buzz that pushed their classic underground debut Get it How You Live to sell over 400,000 units independently. Their initial success opened the door for the paramount distribution deal between Cash Money and Universal Records the following year, ushering the self-proclaimed Bling-Blingers into the national spotlight. Their first nation-wide LP Guerrilla Warfare yielded the smash single “I Need a Hot Girl,” and certified their rights as being hip-hops newest innovators.

Entirely produced by Cash Money’s legendary Mannie Fresh, Let ‘Em Burn returns to the bass-heavy tracks and hard-core street anthems that Cash Money helped to solidify. The album features appearances by the Big Tymers, TQ, and newcomer Lac. The Hot Boys re-kindle their patented sound with the lead single “My Section,” a neck-snapping beat accented by elaborate strings and thumping percussion. The track boasts impressive lyrics from each member as they pay homage to their native streets of New Orleans.

Riding on top of animated guitar riffs and intricate drum sequencing, the Hot Boys display the growth, dexterity, and creative control that they gained since their initial debut, proving that their name is still not a misnomer.

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