Girls Against Boys

Girls Against Boys

GVSB was formed in 1992. They were born in Washington, DC but now call New York City home. They have released three EP’s and four previous full length albums (three of which were on Touch and Go). They have appeared on three soundtracks and many independent compilations. “FREAK*ON*ICA”, which was recorded at Seedy Underbelly in Minneapolis, MN, will be the band’s first full length record on Geffen and features twelve new tracks including “Psycho Future”, “Roxy” and “Park Avenue”. Their live show is simply one of the best you’ll ever see. They have performed close to 500 shows throughout the US, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece and many other territories across Europe. They have toured with Rage Against the Machine, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Soul Coughing as well as two years on Lollapalooza.

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