Adam Freeland

Adam Freeland

When Adam Freeland released his pioneering COASTAL BREAKS mix album three years ago, it signalled a new era in dance music, putting the breakbeat sound center stage. What had been a relatively small scene suddenly found itself at the heart of the media spotlight, hailed as the future of dance music with club nights such as Friction and Air leading the way. Fast forward three years: Breakbeat has clearly infiltrated dance music in all areas, through landmark recordings like Tsunami Ones “Hip Hop Phenomenon” (featured on TECTONICS) and more recently trance supremo Paul Van Dyks breakbeat excursions on his forthcoming album. Meanwhile heavyweight DJs Sasha and Carl Cox hold Freeland personally responsible for influencing their love of breakbeat and have publicly hailed him as the major driving force behind one of the UKs most exciting sounds.

TECTONICS captures this sound perfectly, skillfully gliding through some of breakbeats finest moments, past, present and, of course, future. Alongside his pioneering Friday night Kiss 100 radio show, Adam Freelands time is spent fulfilling numerous global DJ commitments and running his highly esteemed record label MARINE PARADE. Named after the street where hes based in Brighton, the UKs new musical capital, MARINE PARADE was started by Freeland in 1998. In just under two years, it has established itself as a musical force to be reckoned with — last year it was nominated for Best Independent Label at the Music Magazine awards.

TECTONICS is a seamless mix of breaks and beats, some nu-skool, some no-skool, that wind their way through some of breakbeats defining moments, such as Bebers “Juvenile Delinquent” with its three dimensional bass driven sound; or 3 Mile Islands “Liposuction” with its perfectly paced build up and tight, rolling beats. There are also various cuts exclusive to this album, from the genius that is ILS with “Tectonic” and Belushis “Going Nowhere (Waveform Mix),” that appears exclusively on the triple vinyl version of TECTONICS, a must for all DJs. As more and more dance DJs and producers pick up and run with the breakbeat baton, Adam Freeland remains at the top, committed to pushing dance music in a new and exciting direction. He is a regular visitor to the USA and Australia where his trans-continental antics have even lead him to collaborate on tracks with dance guru BT. He is the breakbeat ambassador, travelling the globe and spreading his own unique take on a sound that transcends the musical barriers of old.

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