Fat Joe – Interview


Fat Joe is in deep conversation with his crew about the Knicks until I cut in…

How’s life?

Just working hard, you know?

The record is hot.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Do the tracks just come to you?

Yeah, I mean they seem to just come to me off the top of the head.

Do you have beats or words first?

They come up with the beats and I just take it from there. Music just talks to me. Top of my head you know?

Does it get easier?

Yeah it gets easier. It’s becoming more of a routine, but I try to take it to the next level each time.

How long did you spend recording?

About three to six months.

Do you hole up in the studio?

You gotta just sit down and work. Making albums is like making babies.

You get music out pretty fast.

Out of sight is out of mind. So if you don’t come out you are yesterday’s news so you’ve got to continue banging them joints.

Do you put the most pressure on yourself?

Yeah, every album has got to be better than the last. I push myself like never before.

When you finish a record do you go right back into the studio?

Yeah, I’m actually working on some new stuff because you are on a roll you on a roll. I’m trying to work on some stuff. I’m a brand new artist again. I’m open.

When you work with other artists do you bring everything to the table or do they write their parts?

I have about seventy-five percent of it completed, they just need to come in and say their part.

What’s the latest on Sprewell and the Knicks?

They better trade him, they’re stupid if they don’t.

Are you a Knick fan?

Nah. My team is Phoenix.

Football or basketball?

Basketball. I’m not a big football fan. I’m trying to get into football now.

Do you get asked advice a lot when you are out and about?

Definitely. I get asked how I got started, why do they have to do, things like that.

Do people try to hand tapes to you of themselves?

Yeah, but you know I was in that position at one time also, so it don’t really bother me. I can’t blame them for trying.

Are you always looking for something new?

I have artists now and I really have to lookout for them. If I sign someone I want them to know I’m going to do my best for them. It’s on me to make it happen.

Do you think a lot of artists don’t make it because they don’t put in the work?

Yeah, you’ve got to put in the work, if you don’t you can’t make it.

Where do you think your talent comes from?

It’s down in the soul. I worked on it for a long time. Practice makes perfect.

I know you dreamed of being where you are now, so what do you dream about now?

I dream about winning awards and people enjoying my music.

+ charlie craine

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