Jessica Andrews – Now

Jessica Andrews
Artist: Jessica Andrews
Title: Now
Label: Dreamworks
Rating: 8/10

The Corporate Line: The progress of Jessica’s musical career has coincided with the universal challenges of young adulthood, and the insights she’s gained from her recent experiences are reflected in Now’s expanded emotional palette. Produced by veteran hitmaker and longtime Andrews supporter Byron Gallimore, Now finds the singer-songwriter venturing into mature lyrical territory while preserving the youthful energy and openhearted exuberance that first endeared her to fans.

The Good:
“When Gentry Plays Guitar” – Andrews brings it home.
“Cowboy Guarantee” – Gorgeous. One of her best songs to date.
“Good Time” – If you can’t enjoy it then you must be dead.
“There’s More To Me Than You” and “Sunshine and Love” – Sappy pop, yet still comes across with a cute innocence.
“Now” – Your guaranteed to enjoy it.
“I Wish For You”, “God Don’t Give Up On Us” and “To Love You Once” – Big booming love songs.
“They Are The Roses” – Delicious.
“Second Sunday” – Get out of your seat!

The Bad:
“You’re The Man”

Frankly: Jessica Andrews has delivered a fantastic record from beginning to end. If you think you might pass because it’s country all I can say is pop fans will enjoy it as well.

+ rae gun