Straight outta Forest Hills, Harold “Cali” Kleiner’s assault on the rank of the music community came on the heels of a remarkable birthright: EuroTrash. And even a term in New York City couldn’t keep him from his self-appointed destiny: Kleiner entered the 90’s by joining Walt Disney Records as A&R Director, substantially boosting their revenues with his production skills (even Mickey came to envy those ears). His formula was simple: get the best to do the best for very little. Now a born-again LosAngelino, he has leveled his sights on the new millennium and has begun with a vengeance to foist his newest creation, EuroTrash, upon the whetted appetite of public tastes. Rooted in a marriage between electronica, spoken word, and acid trip-hop, the man in the fez has once again dealt the cards and every hand holds an ace…


Arguably the most “Euro” of the Trash, Roman migr Marco Marinangeli, like many Italian immigrants before him, came to grace the Americas without papers. Seeking asylum, he traveled via the underground railroad to the most obsequious cultural nadir imaginable: Los Angeles. And like any respectable latter-day nihilist, he burrowed neatly into the soft white underbelly of corporate America; namely in association with Harold J. Kleiner and the Walt Disney Company, managing to earn a Best Producer Grammy nomination in the process. Once again the axiom emerges: ‘trust no one, you just might find yourself in league with EuroTrash’. Unfortunately for Kleiner and the rest, this came too late. Marinangeli had already secured himself, Mussolini-style, snugly within the group as composer, vocalist and co-producer… but don’t expect to see him swinging upside down by his boots from a lamp post in the West Hollywood town square anytime soon…


While other native New Jerseans blandly set their sights on Atlantic City and toxic waste dumps, Elizabeth Pavone quietly made the journey across the G. W. bridge, put pen to paper at a time when poetry was persona non grata among the masses and cleverly set out to forge her destiny. The resultant body of work has earned her accolades in over thirty different publications, including the critically acclaimed “Scream When You Burn”. This Caffeine magazine anthology has placed her works alongside the likes of Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg and Dave Alvin. Not one to forget the muck she has risen above, Pavone once again has dipped her hands into the dumpster and pulled out the rhymes as resident poet of EuroTrash, providing the words to the rhythm, the voice and the soul to the heartbeat. And if ever her day job in the prestigious Rhino Records A&R department (where she is credited as Compilation Producer of Maya Angelou’s poetry CD) should uncover her deeper secrets, she can always harken back to the truth of the spoken word.


Born of poor pitiful white honkey trash from the wrong side of the tracks in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Charley Pavlosky knew his only chance for survival would be to escape the gulag he was conceived into. Traveling west with no specific destination in mind he steadfastly made his way to the vapid city limits of Lost Souls: LA. After an aborted attempt at conquering the music business, he found his real love in serving dinners at the Ivy At The Shore restaurant. After meeting and befriending every major filmmaker and star during his tenure there, he made a startling discovery: these people had nothing on him. He immediately wrote a script, raised the money and began filming. After completing his first short feature, he fell in with Kleiner, Marinangeli and Pavone and became the voice of EuroTrash. Now, preparing his second film, he lends his considerable visual talents to this enterprise, enhancing further the repertoire of a truly sordid past, which he attempts on a daily basis to cast in the most favorable and politically correct light…

EUROTRASH, a visual-musical tapestry of sultry R&B rhythms within an Electronica-Trip-Hop-meets-Bukowski landscape. A blend of music and spoken word, computer generated and downloadable only via the internet. Music from cyberspace by cyberartists directly to the people, without any middle man. No mega-stores here, only the music, the computer and the people – directly linked to you – port to port.

Conceived and produced by Harold “Cali” Kleiner and executed with the talents of co-producer and Electronica artist Marco Marinangeli, the duo proceeded to recruit and enlist the talents of poetess Elizabeth Pavone, who has been published and lauded alongside both Bukowski and Ginsburg. But the picture was yet incomplete. Who then to deliver the message, to perform the rites of such a unique marriage? Enter Charley “In-Your-Face” Pavlosky, renegade filmmaker and shock visualist as The Voice. The scene would now complete itself as an ear candy mosaique from the lunatic fringes of the mindless media nadir that is the heartbeat of a brave new world. And where else, we would ask, could a quartet with the most unusual of pedigrees better draw their collective inpiration than from the collective unconscious of a new and vulnerable millennium?

Still, not to be ignored at the top of the cyber-heap, the group has drawn the attention of mix-boy-genius Christian B., who through his mix magic has drawn the people to EuroTrash. If the soundtrack of your mind were mega hard drive melange of Seal-meets-Trickey-meets-Massive Attack in an Orwellian wet dream, conceived on a chip and ported into your sub-dural, jacked directly into your brain stem – touching every nerve, eliciting every emotion – the User ID would certainly read: EUROTRASH.

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