CKY – Volume 1

Artist: CKY
Title: Volume 1
Label: Island
Rating: 7.5/10

CKY stands for Camp Kill Yourself. Gnarly. One of the cat’s brothers inspired the Mtv show Jackass, or is a part of it or something, and CKY were discovered as their music was part of the show. I wanted to get that out of the way since there’s more important things to get to, like the album.

“96 Quite Bitter Beings” is this weird punk-metal mix. It rekindles the days of getting skulled, trying some weak tricks on my board. “Disengage The Simulator” seems to be an actual love song, even as dark and brooding as it is. “Sara’s Mask” is the album’s shining moment. It’s slow compared to the rest yet it really hits you hard.

I can’t quite decide what CKY is exactly. Maybe that is what makes them so appealing. One moment they are like death metal and the next punk. It’s bizarre yet entrancing. Hurry the hell up with Volume 2!

+ rae gun

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