Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal
Studio: Touchstone
Rating: 3/10

Bubble Boy is an awkward kind of film that humanizes us all while letting us laugh at ourselves and our ability to laugh at others, even if under our breath.

Jimmy is a boy, he lives in a bubble, and lives in a house where protection is necessary, but he gets a dose that nobody, not even the kid in the bubble, could handle. The film finds Jimmy being preached to by his mother who is either insane or actually believes her own rhetoric. But after Jimmy falls for the girl next door, literally, all hell breaks lose.

Bubble Boy wants to be a twisted coming of age flick, and in some cases it passes for this. There are points of fun, especially at the expense of Fabio and his cult. This movie is a comedy without the big laughs. It can’t sustain hilarity, yet in a summer where nothing is truly great, Bubble Boy seems almost refreshing. That is not exactly a compliment. It’s painful to think there are more potential laughs in our dull, boring days than in this film. A film’s job is to take us away from our lives and bring us to another place entirely, and Bubble Boy does, but it really just makes you want to go home.

+ charlie craine

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