Sunny Day Real Estate – The Rising Tide

Sunny Day Real Estate
Artist: Sunny Day Real Estate
Title: The Rising Tide
Label: Time Bomb Recordings
Rating: 6/10

Sunny Day Real Estate returns with their best effort since the freshmen release of Diary. Their latest release puts them back on the music map. Over a six-year span, the band as gone through many lineup changes and breakups, and now they seem to have finalized their act as a trio. With the release of The Rising Tide, a key member and dynamite drummer, William Goldsmith, returns permanently to his familiar spot behind the kit for Sunny Day Real Estate. Jeremy Enigk goes beyond the call of duty on this release as he plays bass, keys, guitar, does lead vocals, and even chips in on the production aspect with producer Lou Giordano. The songwriting, both lyrically and musically, has improved a hundred times from the last studio record, How It Feels To Be Something On, to offer a more dynamic sound overall. It took me a few listens to get comfortable with the record, but reflecting back, this trio spits out a sound that has its own unique draw and appealing qualities.

Goldsmith makes his presence felt instantly as he kicks in a heavy drumbeat and smashing cymbals for the opening of “Killed By An Angel”. The guitar sound is tight as Enigk and Hoerner guide the song’s cadence from soothing energy into the power-punching riff in the middle. Sunny Day Real Estate seem to have a more established songwriting approach as the band breaks new boundaries with “One”, “Tearing In My Heart”, and “Rain Song”. The music makes a mature statement about the band’s goals for making a potentially successful record. “Rain Song” has a John Lennon quality with a Perry Farrell vocal style, while “One” incorporates the grit of the older material with a newfound edge buried deep within. Two other songs that deserve some props for their vigor and effulgence are “Snibe” and “Television”.

If you’re a fan of indie music, The Rising Tide would be a good purchase to brag to your friends about.

+larry sarzyniak

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