Unamerican – Unamerican

Artist: Unamerican
Title: Unamerican
Label: Universal
Rating: 8.5/10

With a little bit of Bob Dylan’s drawl, you’d be surprised to find that Unamerican is actually from London.

“She’s A Bomb” is fantastic. Visualize Bob Dylan just completely rocking out, but these guys aren’t some Dylan novelty act. Unamerican is the real deal. “Mary’s Son” is drop dead gorgeous. The melody flows from guitar to vocals and never quite realizes it’s so good. The chant of “Wicked” is only a precursor to a great track.

You get more hearty rock on “Tonight’s The First Night”, but all of the fast action can’t compete with a beautiful ballad like “If This Is The End”. This is one of the tracks I keep coming back for. “Let It Lie” is funky, and if you really dig ’70’s style rock you’ll really fall for this. “The Closer You Get” blows your mind.

Singer Steve McEwan goes from folky to rock in a flip of the switch. “I So Really Want To Believe You” is a damned good example of how McEwan can snatch your soul with his voice. This album is amazing and I’ve been enjoying it for weeks. It truly gets better every time I hear it. Watch out; you might have just found the next big thing.

+ rae gun

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