Hanson – Live At Abertane

Artist: Hanson
Title: Live At Abertane
Label: Mercury
Rating: 6/10

I never liked Hanson. They fall into the same category as Leonardo DeCaprio by being commercially overdone teenyboppers. Hell, I would never admit to liking pop. However, I have always had respect for people who play and write their own material. Isaac (guitar), Taylor (keyboards), and Zachary (the little one on drums) are perfectly capable of performing live and that is more than a lot of other pop acts could ever offer. Plus, they are incredibly talented kids. So, Mercury Records, making sure that the legions of willing fans have reason to empty their piggy-bank money into the company’s coffers, releases Live From Albertane.

We know the deal here. You know a band is just trying to make more money when they release a live album. Hanson is making sure the fans don’t go spending money on other kiddy bands like the Moffatts (which are basically Hanson rip-offs) while they prepare the next album. There is actually a live video of the same title with footage from every show. This album was probably made for the kids living in the Middle of Nowhere that do not have a VCR. Of course, they’re probably trying to make as many albums as they can before the boys actually do shows signs of puberty and lose their falsettos. It’s already happened to Isaac and it is inevitable for Taylor and Zachary. And then? Perhaps their parents will have to get jobs again.

Live From Albertane is well done. It’s live music from the three boys and their back up band, accompanied by occasional comments from Isaac and, of course, the screaming of the multitudes of pre-pubescent girls. As with many other live albums, this one is strictly fans only. Although I’m not impressed with this album, I recommend that for Christmas you search for the video and buy it for your little sister. Consider yourself warned: You might find yourself watching it as well and you’d never live down the humiliation among your peers.

+ rina omar

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