Genesis – Turn It On Again

Artist: Genesis
Title: Turn It On Again
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 4.5/10

In my opinion, Genesis is one of the most over-rated rock bands of all time. Their greatest hits record consists of eighteen songs, half of which are barely average. Genesis doesn’t transcend generations like The Beatles of Led Zepplin. Most of these songs sound worn and tired, though I did enjoy “No Son Of Mine” and “That’s All”.

I would have rather heard these songs updated or done another way. Give us something new. Most tracks remind me of the bloated ’80’s, the cheesy videos, and the tv shows we watched like Miami Vice. Remember “I Can’t Dance”? Maybe I’m the only one, but I just find this song completely banal. And I don’t know anyone who knows of “ABACAB”, “Turn It On Again”, or even “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)”. If these songs are such classics, then why don’t they stick in my mind like a “All You Need Is Love” or “Stairway To Heaven”? The new addition of “The Carpet Crawlers 1999” was Genesis’ psychedelic attempt at re-creating “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”. It is just boring and trite.

Genesis may have been together for thirty years, but bands like The Beatles and Led Zepplin didn’t spend thirty years together combined, and you could take one full album from either band and find more hits than on Genesis’ greatest hits. I know what you are thinking. “Why are you picking on Genesis?” or “Why are you putting them in the category of Led Zepplin or the Beatles?” If you read their press kit and biography, you’d see that they put themselves in that category. They claim to have outsold Led Zepplin and that they aren’t far behind the Beatles in sales. I call this propaganda. Don’t believe the hype.

+ rae gun

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