Flickerstick – Welcoming Home The Astronauts

Artist: Flickerstick
Title: Welcoming Home The Astronauts
Label: Epic
Rating: 4/10

In 1998, Flickerstick recorded their first demo tape that received airplay on a local radio station in the Dallas area. Next it was VH1’s reality series Bands On The Run. The show gave the band a fan base in the States that would have otherwise not been possible. And now Sony has decided to cash in on that hope of a signed sealed and delivered fan base.

The base might be there, but when you have an album that isn’t all that good, what can you do with it? It sounds like A&R were out to lunch while Flickerstick were recording Welcoming Home The Astronauts. There is nothing here, no substance, nothing new, and certainly a huge lack of quality. There isn’t one song that could stand the test of time or listening to it for longer than a minute. Instead of being ahead of the curve, these guys seem lost in the ’80’s. It’s not a pretty time warp.

+ rae gun

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