Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilleed

Destiny's Child
Artist: Destiny’s Child
Title: Destiny Fulfilleed
Label: Columbia
Rating: 5/10

CORPORATE LINE: Let’s say that you are one of the biggest selling female groups, ever. Your combined record sales total over 40 million records, worldwide. You’ve seen your albums debut at the top of the charts, and stay there. You’ve racked up enumerable industry awards, accolades and platinum or gold records. Not only is your group successful, but its individual members have all had superlative solo achievements and as a result you that collectively and on your own, you are what modern female pop/R&B is meant to sound, feel and sell like. How do you possibly attempt match, much less top, your impressive statistics? When you’re Destiny’s Child, the answer’s easy. You see your past as a guide to your potential and seize the future with the most compelling music of your career. In short, you fulfill your destiny.

Destiny Fulfilled is Destiny’s Child’s sixth album. Filled with soaring harmonies, rich with rhythm and nuance and brimming with a passionate, purposeful style that is quintessentially their own, Destiny Fulfilled is not only the strongest album of the group’s career: it is the album they were destined to make.

Destiny Fulfilled is executive produced by Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams & Mathew Knowles. Beyonce is the key producer of all the album’s tracks and the record’s musical concepts and vocal arrangements are the result of her artistic vision. Her tireless work ethic and attention to studio details have created the masterfully seamless flow, boundless energy and exquisite polish of Destiny Fulfilled.

“Lose My Breath” – It’s a dancehall groove over a marching band beat and is fantastic even though there are barely any lyrics that matter.

“Soldiers” – Are we to take this seriously? Sure, Beyonce has proven that she has thug love for the likes of Jay-Z—it feels almost sacrilegious coming from Rowland and Williams. What message are they sending to all their teenybopper listeners?
“Is She The Reason” – There is no reason to get excited about this song. Where has the energy gone? Where has the melody gone?

“Cater 2 U” – This is a mess. I’m not sure what is worse… going after thugs or catering to the every whim of a man. What happened to the independent women we once knew? This is truly an embarrassment.
“T-Shirt” – Isn’t much better that “Cater 2 U”—it only sounds worse.

FRANKLY: Hate to say it but Destiny’s Child is nothing more than a cash cow. Beyonce would have been better off making a solo album. Destiny Fulfilled was only good for Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to cash in and get back into the spotlight but is an utter mess for Beyonce. So much for being independent women and all that jazz that we were fed on Survivor. Destiny Fulfilled is stories of women who only live for their man and nothing more. This is a major fall from grace. Where have our strong women gone? Et tu, Beyonce?

+ Rae Gun

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