The Cataracs biography

Hip Online Dec 1, 2009 5

The Cataracs[/caption]The Cataracs are two sharp looking boys, barely old enough to drink legally, who are making music for a new generation of listeners. With a smart, sarcastic sense of humor beyond their years, The Cataracs represent a blossoming young generation that is equally comfortable at a Jay-Z concert, as at underground rave or a MGMT show. They write, produce, and perform pop, urban, indie, and dance music for a fanbase that transends cultural and age barriers, while touching particularly strongly on their core demographic, young girls. AND…they rock the party. Developing a ravenous fan base in their hometown for their now infamous TechnoHop Dance Parties, The Cataracs combine a urban sensibility, growing up in the era of Biggie & Pac, with an appreciation all great music, from the Virgins and Justice, to The Beatles and Katy Perry. Their music is only bound by one constant…the two unique personailities that make up The Cataracs.

  • Belladona

    They are awsome!

  • Lydiahollowell

    How are they awesome? I’m curious because I’m Niles’ aunt. I only know him as the child I saw grow up………….glad they’re awesome!

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  • Peace Love Happiness Andme

    They are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mydirtylittlesecrets99

    you guys should come to utah and bring dev with you she’s georgous