Ying Yang Twins – My Brother & Me

Ying Yang Twins
Artist: Ying Yang Twins
Title: My Brother & Me
Label: TVT
Rating: 5/10

CORPORATE LINE: The Ying Yang Twins return with My Brother & Me, a crunktastic CD/DVD combo that features 10 new songs, 3 videos and behind the scenes footage of the premier party-starters. The CD/DVD set’s lead single “Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk)”, sports an injected guest shot from Homebwoi backed by an all-star marching band There will also be two “Salt Shaker” remixes, one with Lil Jon, Juvenile, Murphy Lee and Fat Joe; the other version is an extended mix with additional verses from BG, Jacki-O, Pitbull and Fat Man Scoop. New songs are “In The Club,” which features Yani, and the “Get Naked” remix, which features Bonecrusher. Other songs include a “Slow Motion” remix with Juvenile, Ying Yang Twins, Wyclef and UTP; a “Georgia Dome” remix with Jacki-O; and a “Me & My Brother” remix with YoungBloodz.

“Halftime” – It’ll get you out of your seat ready for more. Ying Yang Twins have energy to spare.

“Salt Shaker Remix” and “Slow Motion Remix” – Barely gets off the ground. Wyclef left his rhyming skills in the ‘90s.
“In Da Club” – Is this a Ying Yang song or Yonnie? It’s the same hook sung over and over and over again.
“Take Ya Clothes Off” – Garbled chaos.
“Get Crunk Shorty” – Sounds like a chant for a football team getting ready to charge the field. It doesn’t have to make sense as long as it gets the energy to peak levels.

“Do It” – The rhymes are poor. You’d expect something more than amateurish lyrics from YYT.

FRANKLY: Ying Yang Twins are organized chaos—it doesn’t always work. My Brother & Me has plenty of high and low points. Ying Yang Twins want you to get crunk but most of the time you’re barely getting a vibe on.

+ Rae Gun