P. Diddy & the Family – The Saga Continues

P. Diddy & the Family
Artist: P. Diddy & the Family
Title: The Saga Continues
Label: Bad Boy
Rating: 5/10

P. Diddy brings the family back for more. The family consists of Black Rob, Faith Evans, Carl Thomas, G. Dep, Mark Curry, Loon, Kain, and more than I feel like listing. Through the entire Saga, the only real shining stars are Black Rob.

For the most part, Saga is the Diddy spinning his wheels. First, off his rapping style isn’t getting better. In fact, he is the weakest link to each and every song. “The Saga Continues” is saved by Black Rob. Then to follow that is the terrible “Bad Boy For Life” with perhaps the worst chorus ever released by Bad Boy. “That’s Crazy” finds Diddy trying to convince us of his innocence, but this is really not the place for the sale.

Without the Neptunes to cover up a few blemishes and Black Rob to save the sinking ship, P. Diddy would have a stinker on his hands. The Saga Continues may be a family affair, but a few of the crew may wish to stay in their rooms the next time.

+ cc morris