Cherish to release new album — watch the new video


Cherish is dropping their new album “The Truth” on May 13th. All we have is a song sampler, photos, and bio. Gear up for more to come.

Here is the official bio:


The Truth

Most people are not ready for the truth.

But, Cherish is.

In fact, these four singing sisters who hit it big in 2006 with the dance hit ‘Do It to It” from the Gold-certified album, Unappreciated, are positive that you are ready as well. ‘Our new album is named The Truth, and it basically delves into the different aspects of our lives,” says an excited Fallon, 20. ‘The entire album reflects our lives and our situations.”

Their sophomore project introduces young women who have found their unique place in a field full of duplicates and manufactured stars.

The potent first single ‘Killa”—about not being able to resist the man you know is no good—produced by Don Vito and featuring rapper Yung Joc, is rhythmically robust and vocally arresting. ‘The initial perception of Cherish was that we were this little girl group with catchy records,” says Farrah, 24, seemingly the most laidback sister of the clan. ‘We put a lot of time, energy and effort into The Truth and it’s a testament to our growth.”

Cherish is hardly new to the game. In fact, both of their parents are musicians and their father, who doubles as their manager, was a part of Pop (Professions of Sounds) who once toured with the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire. ”We have all been singing professionally since we were little kids,” says Felisha, the gregarious element of the group. ”Everyone in the industry has seen us grow up. Albeit young, they grasp that all experience-good or bad-generate growth. ‘It was definitely a struggle, growing up in the music industry, but, we don’t regret it, says Fallon. ‘These struggles have only made us stronger,” injects Neosha, 22. ”And that’s what The Truth is all about.”

These ladies are now ready for the world to experience their progression as singers and even more as songwriters. ‘We want people to know about our writing abilities, ‘says Neosha. ‘We wrote our entire first album and this one, with the exception of a few tracks written with The Dream (who penned Rihanna’s global smash ‘Umbrella.”).” The Truth offers songs relating to real situations that all of the group’s fans—old and new, male and female—can relate to.

‘We have the ultimate break up song, ‘Lovesick’ (produced by Adonis and K-Fam). It’s our ‘Cry Me a River’, says Felisha. ‘You find pleasure in the fact that your ex-boyfriend, who dogged you out, wants to get back with you. It’s a little mean, but it’s all about karma,” laughs Neosha. The Jazze Pha produced ‘Like A Drum” also drops a breakup bomb, but from another perspective. ‘Your man comes home, you have candles lit and then he tells you he can’t be with you anymore. And it’s like, ‘What do I do now?’ explains Felisha.

‘Before You Were My Man”, produced by Eric Hudson, delivers a story that flips tradition and puts the fellas on the receiving end for a change. ‘Basically, you are telling your boyfriend that you were with his best friend before you two were together. But, you waited awhile to tell him because you did not know how. We thought it was a way to give guys a taste of their own medicine,” says Fallon, who admits the song is autobiographical.

In whole, The Truth is the Cherish experience.

Replacing the sugary pop confections of the past are confessional R&B jams with scorching lyrics and equally blistering music. ‘There is not one song on this album where we are not singing our hearts out,” says Felisha without hesitation. ‘We are focused on delivering real R&B,” says an equally confident Farrah. ‘We want to be taken as seriously as En Vogue, Sister Sledge, TLC and Destiny’s Child. We are here to stay.”
Cherish – “Killa” feat. Yung Joc Cherish – “Killa” feat. Yung Joc