Cast: Joshua Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx
Studio: Columbia
Rating: 4/10

CORPORATE LINE: In this fast-paced thriller from extreme action director Rob Cohen (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, XXX) a group of top-trained fighter pilots (Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx) find themselves saddled with a terrifying mission. When a drone bomber with artificial intelligence is being tested, it turns rogue, and could start a war if the pilot team can’t stop it.

THE GOOD: Senseless, shameless, and ridiculous. And that is the good part.

THE BAD: A movie about a rogue plane doesn’t sound very interesting—right? Well you’d be exactly right. So what is offered by director Rob Cohen? The sexy Jessica Biel in a bikini and Jamie Foxx—fresh off an Oscar proving it was a one-time deal.

The concocted terrorism stories are asinine. Then there is the plane. Imagine Knight Rider crossed with Christine. Actually, that sounds cooler than this movie. No one comes out of Stealth unscathed. Biel may wish she really was in North Korea once this film releases.

FRANKLY: If it weren’t for the few CGI fight sequences Stealth would have received a 2/10. Stealth is an action flick and as we know most action films are brainless. Stealth is however dead-on-arrival. Everything about Cohen’s direction shoots for being cool not good. It’s so bad that it might actually be good.

+ Charlie Craine

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