King of the Hill: Season Five

King of the Hill
Cast: Mike Judge, Greg Daniels
Studio: Fox
Rating: 7/10

CORPORATE LINE: By the fifth season of this popular animated sitcom, fans have become well-acquainted with the tics and idiosyncrasies of the lovable Hill family, and the level of hilarity they’ve come to expect is certainly maintained. Created by Mike Judge (BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD) and Greg Daniels (THE SIMPSONS, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE), the show features its titular “king” in the less-than-grand personage of Hank Hill (voiced by Judge), a propane salesman in Arlen Texas. He lives with his level-headed wife Peggy, and their awkward and overweight son Bobby. Peggy’s sexy but clueless niece Luanne cohabitates with the family as well. Hank passes his free time with a motley crew of friends, and shaping Bobby into a more manly man. This season, Hank helps Bobby get a job as Buck Strickland’s caddy, but disapproves when the two hit it off and Buck becomes a bad influence. Hank also takes Luanne under his wing, helping her to make an informed voting decision. Meanwhile, Peggy’s sweet job at the high school turns into a living hell, when everyone gets mad at her for flunking a sports star.

The Perils of Polling – Its election time and after shaking George W. Bush’s hand Hank can’t decide who to vote for.

The Buck Stops Here – Hank wants to teach Bobby about responsibility so Bobby starts working at the golf course caddy only to become Buck Strickland’s personal caddy where he learns bad habits.

I Don’t Want to Wait For Our Lives To Be Over… – Hank builds coffins for him and Peggy and Joseph hits puberty while Bobby struggles with being treated like a child.

Spin the Choice – Hank plans a Thanksgiving feast and everything seems to be going perfect until John Redcorn reveals the truth about the holiday to Bobby.

Peggy Makes the Big Leagues – Peggy is great at softball and Hank doesn’t give her due.

When Cotton Comes Marching Home – Cotton is broke and gets a job but can’t get Veteran’s Day off—while Peggy makes a float for the parade to everyone’s dismay.

What Makes Bobby Run? – Bobby becomes the school mascot, but when he doesn’t want to take a beating he disgraces everyone.

‘Twas the Nut Before Christmas – Bill turns his house into “Santa’s Village” during Christmas but keeps it going even after Christmas embarrassing everyone other than Bill.

Chasing Bobby – Hank’s truck is about to die and he has to comes to terms with it.

Yankee Hankie – Hank is shocked to discover he wasn’t born in Texas.

Hank and the Great Glass Elevator – Hank finds out Peggy has been using charcoal and then gets treated to trouble at a hotel to celebrate his birthday.

Now Who’s the Dummy? – Bobby is given a ventriloquist dummy and finds that his dad likes the dummy more than him.

Ho Yeah! – Hank and Peggy take in a Strickland employee only to find out she is turning tricks.

The Exterminator – Dale finds out being an exterminator is killing him and gets a new job—firing people.

Luanne Virgin 2.0 – Luane becomes a born-again virgin and promises not to have sex again until she is married.

Hank’s Choice – Bobby is allergic to Ladybird and Hank has to make a tough decisions.

It’s Not Easy Being Green – Hank and gang fight to keep a landfill from being drained.

The Trouble with Gribbles – Dale tries to fight a cigarette company in order to get Nancy a facelift.

Hank’s Back Story – Hank hurts his back and has to wear butt padding.

Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl: A Love Story – Bobby goes to Arlen High School and befriends kids there and tells them his kidneys are failing.

THE EXTRAS: There are no extras. So you either like the episodes or pass on this box set.

FRANKLY: Having seen all these episodes on television it is easy to recommend the box set—but not without some bias.

+ Charlie Craine

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