Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter
Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Billy Drago, Nancy Yoon, Colleen Porch, and Terrence Beasor
Studio: Anchor Bay
Rating: 2/10

CORPORATE LINE: DEMON HUNTER, a horror film starring Billy Drago, revolves around two demonic beings, one good, and one evil. While a full demon possesses women and makes them bear his children, a demon-human hybrid prepares for the battle to save the world from the more menacing demon’s evil plans.

Demon Hunter fell on the wrong side of Constantine—except that the hero is half demon and half man. Constantine was bad—but Demon Hunter is much, much worse. This goes way beyond B-movie.

The action is bad and the dialogue is horrifying. If only they could have made the movie look as bad as they act. The dialogue goes on and on killing any chance of something cool happening. The rest of Demon Hunter is borrowed or stolen from other films of its ilk. There isn’t a fresh idea to be found.

There is a commentary with screenwriter Mitch Gould and actress Nancy Yoon. Five minutes in it was time to bail.

“Demons Among Us” – It’s unbelievable how long they made the making-of featurette. The featurette is definitely trying to sell the film—without realizing most viewers would have seen the movie before viewing the featurette. This is a bad movie that certainly didn’t need a featurette trying to convince us otherwise.

FRANKLY: Sex, sin, and bad dialogue. That combo might work with a porn film—not with a movie that is trying to be a legit movie.

+ Charlie Craine

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