Boy Sets Fire – After The Eulogy

Boy Sets Fire
Artist: Boy Sets Fire
Title: After The Eulogy
Label: Victory
Rating: 7.5/10

The underground scene is a great place to be these days, and Boysetsfire has found its place among the elite. With the release of After The Eulogy on Victory Records, Boysetsfire has placed itself in the middle of everything that is truly hardcore, and is winning over any doubters with this release. It varies, going from a harsh punk hardcore style to a melodic almost alternative sound. Each tune carries its own personality, and lead singer Nathan Gray switches with ease between a swooning vocal style and a fierce yell that reflects both his serious and mellow sides.

“Twelve Step Hammer Program” and the title track, “After The Eulogy”, are excellent examples of the heaviness that Boysetsfire still maintains, layered with years of improvement, while “When Rhetoric Dies” and “Abominations Of Those Virtuous” seem to allow the band to touch on their not-so-aggressive side. Both sounds are done with great precision, and they mix even better in concert. Boysetsfire have become a staple on the east coast, and their crowds are perfect indicators as to why. They offer real answers to serious questions about politics and the world today, and freely speak on those issues on any given night. Their fanbase has grown tenfold in the last couple of years, thanks to a split EP with Snapcase and non-stop touring, and will continue to flourish with the release of this album. They offer music that blends sounds within a genre to release a powerful message, and they do it without sacrificing themselves to the mainstream. It’s real music for fans of music that’s true to itself. Boysetsfire have voiced their concerns for many years now, and the people are finally starting to listen.

+ rick hinkson

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