UFC: Tapout

UFC: Tapout
Game: UFC: Tapout
Platform: Xbox
Studio: Crave
Rating: 8.5/10

Look: If WWF Raw looked great then Tapout is amazing. From the tattoos to the facial modeling you will be amazed but the amount of work Crave put into this game. Especially a game where it’s more about destruction, they sure put a good amount of beauty in it.

Feel: Tapout is not just about kicking and punching. There is a depth to this game that you can only enjoy with a good amount of game play. You can reverse moves, and you must get out of mounts. If you find yourself on your back the game is not over, you can get out or just win via submission. The great thing is that it’s never over, well until it’s over. But as long as you use your wit you still have a chance.

There are cool reversals from getting out of a leg or arm hold. You better get out of it or else you’ll have to submit. Even better is the fact when you are in the mount or guard positions there are different punches for each!

Hear: The sound is interesting, nothing more than the smack of flesh on flesh.

Frankly: Tapout is highly enjoyable. It’s not like most fighting games where you wear your finger calluses out by banging on the button over and over again. This game is about wit and skill, in either order. Learn your fighter, their combinations, strengths, weaknesses and you will find that this game has some serious fun and depth.

+ bboy

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