Soul Calibur III

Soul Calibur III
Game: Soul Calibur III
Platform: PS2
Studio: Namco
Rating: 8/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: The unholy sword was sealed by the destined one, but a mysterious individual revives the azure knight, Nightmare. The legendary battle of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge moves to the next phase. Which sword will ultimately prevail? What is the motivation of the three new souls who join the fray? And how will you, the player, become involved in the world of SOULCALIBUR?

Play as one of your favorite classic characters to follow how their fate unfolds in the Tales of Souls mode. Battle it out against your friends in the Vs. Standard mode. Create your own original character to play in the Character Creation mode. Rise in the ranks in the World Competition mode… Play it any way you want. Get ready for the latest installment of the most dramatic weapon-based fighting franchise on the PlayStation®2.

* Customizable characters: Create your own character after you or the ideal warrior you’ve always wanted to be. Choose the sex, occupation, look and even a weapon for your own original character.
* Your original character is the star: The Chronicles of the Sword mode allows your original customized character to play through a mode much like real-time simulation – you can see your own character in the battles that unfold.
* 3 Brand new characters! Zasalamel, Tira and Setsuka wield their specialty weapons to join the classic cast for a total of over 25 characters.
* More stages than before: Battle it out in more stages than ever, from a castle in Germany to a shrine in Greece, or even at the top of a clock tower.
* …and more! Get ready for the battles by training in the Practice mode; enjoy unique battles in Soul Arena mode; view the history of the franchise and everything you’ve unlocked in Museum mode – the variety of modes will keep you playing!

PLAY: The new addition “The Chronicles of the Sword” doesn’t do SoulCalibur III justice. You are allowed to create a character and see how they battle. The issue is a lack of an apparent strategy. When you play something that seems to have no rhyme or reason to the way things unfold it becomes more and more aggravating.

“Tale of Souls” is better as you go through single player mode. There are some exciting fights even though “Tale of Souls” could have been much better. The characters are fantastic and there should have been more put into this mode.

The fighting shines as it had in the past. There is nothing better than having great characters that are able to attack quickly and with smooth animations. There is a lot of give and take. You will give some punishment—and get some back. The beauty is that you have to stay away from mashin buttons and try to put together moves all the while stay ready to counter your opponent. If you focus only on offense you will lose. The computer is too good to allow you to string together combinations.

GRAPHICS: Expectations can be high for a great franchise game and SoulCalibur III delivers. The environments are amazing. The characters are animated well and each moves cleanly and smoothly. It’s easy to make a game look great and allow the animation to ruin it. The ability to create a character is good but not like those we are used to in franchise games that have options such as height, weight, etc.

SOUND: The soundtrack is decent. The voice acting isn’t on par with the rest of the game.

FRANKLY: SoulCalibur III is good. It could have been great had the different modes offered better depth. Perhaps combining what was great about “The Chronicles of the Sword” and “Tale of Souls” into one vast game would have been best.

+ Richie Wright

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