Aaliyah – I Care For You Review

Artist: Aaliyah
Title: I Care 4 U
Label: Blackground
Rating: 5.5/10

Six tracks are previously unreleased, the others are songs that Aaliyah fans already know and love. Surprisingly some of Aaliyah’s biggest hits didn’t make the record, I’m not sure why that is the case. For this review we’ll only review the unreleased material on the record.

“Miss You” – Not her greatest, but lovely nonetheless.

“Don’t Know What To Tell Ya” – Okay hook, but listening to the verses you can tell it needed some work.
“Come Over” – A cover song that is interesting.

Better left unreleased:
“Erica Kane” – Message or not this song stinks.
“All I Need” – Very weak.
“Don’t Worry” – Aaliyah doesn’t make this a bad song, it’s the beat that ruins it.

I hope that Aaliyah doesn’t get done like Tupac after his untimely death with tons of releases that shouldn’t have been released. That’s no way to show tribute, it only tarnishes a good artist. And for fans that were hoping for a full new album you’ll be sadly disappointed.

+ cc morris


  1. True, I agree. A lot of the unreleased tracks should of stayed unreleased. They should of puts songs like, I don’t wanna , journey to the past. Turn the page, or the at your best remix. I’m a huge fan of aaliyah’s, I have all of her cd’s, but I was disappointed with the I care for you cd.
    Rest in peace, Aaliyah.