Game: Manhunt
Platform: Xbox
Studio: Rockstar
Rating: 8.5/10
NCAA March Madness 06
Game: NCAA March Madness 06
Platform: PS2
Studio: EA Sports
Rating: 8/10

Game Company’s Description: Manhunt highlights the sick and gruesome world of cold-blooded murderers. It’s an intense, violent gaming experience, capturing the dark side of humanity more accurately than any game before.
You are James Earl Cash, a killer sentenced to death row. On the night of your execution, you are taken away by a mysterious “director” named Starkweather. You’re now the star of a brutal TV show. Dropped off in a city of psychopaths, where everyone is after him, Cash has one night to fight his way out of the city. Kill or be killed.
Panic-inducing 3rd-person action rewards stealth over fighting. Use shadows to your advantage, find Safe Zones and hide out there – waiting & planning the perfect murder
Use whatever you can find to kill the men after you — the bloodier, the better. Cameras are everywhere & Starkweather wants to see blood…lots of it.
The levels get tougher & tougher, and so should you — use crowbars, bats, machetes, guns and lots of stealth to kill your way home
Study the enemy’s movements and lure them into traps — but be careful, they get smarter as you play. Eventually they’ll start setting traps for you…
NOTE: This game has accurate & realistic depictions of violence and murder. It is not recommended for sensitive or younger game players.

Look: A very dark game thus the backgrounds don’t have to be to detailed. The character models are well done. There are some excellent animations that give Manhunt a uniqueness.

Feel: Another deep stealth game. It’s very dark and this is where you must hide. You are given goals that you must complete and the only place you can strike from is your dark ‘safe zone.’ The controls are hard to get a handle on—this is not your average button masher.

The game is extremely violent and feels more violent than your usual videogame bloodbath. There are different levels of kills ranging from ‘hasty’ to ‘gruesome.’ You use a lot of different items to make your kill and some seem like the usual serial killer fare like a wire, or bat, while you can get things like a sniper rifle—later in the game. The fact that there are rarely guns available to you it makes the gameplay much harder. As the game wears on the hunters recognize your tactics so you better start discovering new ways to bring them out. This makes for a whole lot of replay and headaches.

Hear: Great voice acting and scary music. The voice acting will make you laugh as you get called out by the hunters who curse you and make chicken sounds. Great.

Frankly: Manhunt is one of the most disturbing games yet. If you blame violence on videogames then this will stoic that fire. It is a unique game but once you get entangled you won’t stop until the duty is done.

+ Richie Wright

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