MX Unleashed

MX Unleashed
Game: MX Unleashed
Platform: Playstation 2
Studio: Thq
Rating: 8.5/10

Game Company’s Description: Rainbow Studios, the masters of off road racing games, returns to their heritage to bring the definitive next generation MX game to life. Challenge yourself in the ultimate off-road playground, a never before seen freeworld mode filled with treacherous terrain, mini games, and machine races. Go bar to bar against the top champions in the world through the season long Supercross and Outdoor National series in an extensive career mode. Prepare yourself for mud, dirt, high speeds, and serious attitude.

Look: Very good graphics. The riders are animated well, especially when you take a spill. The environments are outstanding with an amazing amount of detail.

Feel: There are two aspects of MX Unleashed,; racing and freestyle. Racing offers a career mode where you tour supercross tracks whereas freestyle is open tracks where you have different objectives. One of the coolest objectives is whenwhere you are challenged by other vehicles like a dune buggy, biplane and a helicopter challenge you.. If you win you get that vehicle to use in free mode. Cool, but only compensatory.

The career mode offers training so that you can learn the skills you need to succeed. This is useful especially if you find you’ve jumped right into racing and keep getting your butt kicked. Also there are aspects of the game that more information only enhances; such as preloading your suspension, which increases your ability to jump and work on your timing. Speaking of control,; the controls are very intuitive and allow for a good degree of control. You have three trick buttons that work similar to Tony Hawk.

Hear: The soundtrack is a mixed bag full of monotonous rock, however the motorbike sound effects are realistic and make up for the barren soundtrack.

Frankly: Fun for one, and even more so with friends. The career mode will keep you racing for hours and hours on end.

+ Ralphie Wright

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