Empire Earth II

Empire Earth II
Game: Empire Earth II
Platform: PC
Studio: Vivendi
Rating: 7/10

GAME DESCRIPTION: Empire Earth II: Art Of Supremacy redraws the borders, as your epic conquest continues. Command four new civilizations and earn bold victories as you march across the world. You’ll be challenged for the ultimate prize: Establish your reputation as world’s greatest leader – past, present and future! From the Pharaohs to Napoleon, relive mankind’s most legendary moments in three new globe-spanning campaigns. Units persist across multiple scenarios Streamlined multiplayer matchmaking interface.

PLAY: What gamers will want to know about is what is included in the expansion. There are four new civilizations and three new campaigns.

The new civilizations, units & wonders include the Russians, French, plus the Masai & Zulu of the all-new African region. Another excellent feature is the ability to make custom civilizations to fit your personal play style. The three new campaigns included are the Pharaohs to Napoleon where you can relive moments in history.

Many of these campaigns feel very similar to other civilization games. It’s fun to take them on again however something completely new would have been even more interesting. There have also been some tweaks to the rules. Any tweaks to a game that are for the better are welcome—however not all of the changes help game play.

FRANKLY: Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy is for a hardcore fan who loved the original and has finished it every different way possible and wants a new challenge.

+ Richie Wright

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