Sekou Sundiata – Long Story Short

Sekou Sundiata
Artist: Sekou Sundiata
Title: Long Story Short
Label: Righteous Babe
Rating: 6/10

Sekou Sundiata is a gifted poet who spreads the word of African-American awareness. Sundiata teaches English literature at the New School for Social Research and has released a previous album entitled The Blue Oneness of Dreams.

Long Story Short is intelligent and poignant. It certainly will not be everybody’s cup of tea, but is really something that should be appreciated. The album’s power speaks volumes only when listened to. I can’t comment on the poems or word preached because, like any painting or sculpture, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One could say this goes for all reviews, but this album in particular will mean so much more to others than it did for myself. Knowledge is the scene; awakening is the theme.

+ cc morris

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