Snapcase continues to be much more than music. The band represents a lifestyle, a belief system, and a hope for an optimistic future. Hardcore has always been known for its message and Snapcase is no exception. While the band is often recognized as a straightedge unit as well as one that adheres to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, the band’s lyrics stress non-conformity and self-respect. Despite The band’s beliefs, they do not seek to base their existence upon ideologies. Snapcase endeavors to unify and build bridges of communication and the diverse crowds that attend their shows can testify to the fact that their efforts are successfully returning dividends. Taberski’s lyrics call upon listeners to define their own destinies and build an optimistic future on the foundations of self-esteem and individuality. The vocalist encourages listeners to “break from the mold” and “take a different track” toward self-realization and security. The seemingly paradoxical title of the quintet’s latest LP, Progression Through Unlearning, represents the band’s message by suggesting that absolute individual advancement only occurs when, as Redmond states, “we unlearn everything that society has taught us about race, gender, dietary habits, economic pursuits, and personal behavior and begin to think and develop opinions for ourselves.” In contrast to the general tide of hardcore thought, Snapcase seeks to accentuate the positive and work toward a brighter future. Snapcase has surely become a sign ”of the changing times.”

….. This optimism is evident in Snapcase’s live performances. The band plays to have fun and entertain and these motives are obvious in the jovial, yet highly charged and emotional environment the band attempts to create at their shows. Snapcase shows thrive on interaction in which any barriers or preconceptions separating the band and the crowd are abolished. The sing-alongs and smiles are a direct manifestation of this personal connection. As a result, Snapcase is Victory’s best drawing live band and their infamous live shows have witnessed increased turnout exponentially throughout the years due to the intimate, unified relations they establish with their audiences.

….. Snapcase has and always will be more than a band. First and foremost they are friends. The band is seen as a blessing and a gift, not a birthright. It is not a source of income or prestige, it is a source of release and friendship. All of the members continue to take things in stride, day by day, while appreciating and enjoying everything that they have been given and have accomplished. When asked about the band’s success, the quintet is likely to discuss the helping hands and generosity embellished upon the band by friends and family rather than mention any personal accomplishments or efforts. Outside of the band, four of the five members are receiving advanced, scholarly degrees while four of the five are also employed in jobs ranging from computer, record, and health food store employees to building race cars. When asked how the band manages to balance such a wide and divergent array of activities, Redmond sheepishly smiles and quips, “I really don’t know.”

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