Mishka – Mishka

Artist: Mishka
Title: Mishka
Label: Epic
Rating: 5/10

The twenty-four-year-old Mishka, who has an eerie Jesus with dreadlocks look, lived on a sailboat from ages three to fifteen and spent time traveling around the Caribbean Islands with his family. It shouldn’t be hard to understand how he cultivated his reggae and Caribbean tastes. His sister, singer Heather Nova, introduced her brother to Creation Records boss with Mishka’s first single “Give You All The Love”. The song is full of life and will have you rejoicing in its beautiful Caribbean canvas.

“Lonely” continues, rolling with the momentum of this lovely melodic gem. The lyrics are simple, yet poignant: “Well I wouldn’t cry/ it might make a flood/ and I don’t know if I can swim that good/ I’ve been lonely, only, when I stop to think about you.” “Still Got Love” finds Mishka and Nova teamed up. Nova also lends her voice on two other tracks, “Bring A Man Down” and “One True”. Nova’s vocals are haunting on “Bring A Man Down”. The song flows and flows, but goes nowhere.

Mishka has a soulful voice. The songs here are melodic but also very monotonous. He just takes what Bob Marley did and regresses with it, rather than progressing with it. There is a hidden song at the end of track ten but it isn’t really worth waiting for. Aside from “Give You All The Love”, this album is only a showcase of Mishka’s voice, nothing less and nothing more.

+ cc

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