Mack 10 – Bang or Ball

Mack 10
Artist: Mack 10
Title: Bang or Ball
Label: Cash Money
Rating: 5/10

Mack 10 doing the Bee Gees? For sure. “Hate In Your Eyes” borrows its melody from “Stayin’ Alive”, and liberally. Mack 10 has more talent than this. It’s too bad this is the only song really worth listening to, aside from tracks like “Let It Be Known”, a song with Lil Wayne, and another where BG gets off.

Speaking of Lil Wayne, he gets off almost completely solo on “Let The Thugs In The Club”. It’s a decent song, but odd considering it’s a Mack 10 album. Longtime friend Ice Cube brings it live again on “Connected For Life”.

There is a lot of old, boring Mack 10 from “That Bitch Is Bad”, “Do The Damn Thing”, and many more. If it wasn’t for BG bringing it on “Dog About It”, the album would end around track five. Mack 10 had the skills, but where did they go?

+ cc morris

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