Bad Religion – The New America

Bad Religion
Artist: Bad Religion
Title: The New America
Label: Atlantic
Rating: 5/10

Track #

1. You’ve Got A Chance Pulsating pop/punk. Rating: 6/10

2. It’s A Long Way To The Promised Land Sounds almost like a clich of themselves. 5/10

3. A World Without Melody A little less potent, but a lot more fun. 7/10

4. New America An anthem for the new millennium. 7/10

5. 1000 Memories Heard it before. 5/10

6. A Streetkid Named Desire 5/10

7. Whisper In Time Sounds like a punk Simon & Garfunkel song. 5/10

8. Believe It 5/10

9. I Love My Computer An attempt at an anthem. Though the melody is decent, the words are weak. 4/10

10. The Hopeless Housewife Cheesy. 4/10

11. There Will Be A Way A little fresher than the two previous tracks, but still part of a steady decline. 4.5/10

12. Let It Burn 5/10

13. Don’t Sell Me Short 5/10

Bad Religion has a lot of history, but that unfortunately doesn’t factor into every release. It’s too bad, because this one is at least average.

+ charlatan

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