FROM one of the most popular new bands Down Under comes an exciting debut album that scales the dizzy heights of modern pop rock. Invertigo have already scored three massive Australian Top 40 hits, and now the Melbourne-based quartet – James Leigh: guitar, keys; Vincent Leigh: drums; Christian Argenti: vocals; Gerry Leigh: guitar, vocals – are set to bring their captivating sound to America. FORUM includes 11 deliciously diverse cuts, from the biting rock of What If It’s Me to cheeky social commentaries like Damage Control, to delectable, richly crafted pop delights such as Chances Are and the first single, Desensitized.

“How do we describe the band’s repertoire?,” wonders drummer Vincent Leigh. “I think there are traces of pop in our music, but it also contains a rock edge. It’s a reflection of what music we love, and what we were listening to when we were kids. Growing up we all loved great pop songs, but we also liked bands such as Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin.”

Invertigo came together in 1999 when Christian Argenti responded to the Leigh brothers’ classified ad in search of a lead singer. They received over 100 replies, but as Vincent recalls, “The personal connection with Christian was on a par with his vocal abilities. This whole thing is about enjoying the music, and everything that comes with it. If we’re not enjoying the people we are with, it’s not going to work.”

“You just got the sense that here was a bunch of guys who’d be able to hang around together, have fun,” says Argenti. “On top of that, there was this kind of unspoken dedication to the idea of crafting good songs – strong melodies, intelligent lyrics, that kind of thing. It felt pretty good from the start.”

The band quickly began recording demos, kicking off with the bracing pop song, Desensitized. Once renowned producer Charles Fisher (Savage Garden, Hoodoo Gurus, Radio Birdmen) took the helm, Invertigo set about recording their debut album.

“What we liked about Charles is that he has produced everything from punk to pop,” says Vincent. “We were fortunate to have him work with us on this album, and to have him bring his experience to the project.”

Check out Desensitized on the MTV Spyder Games soundtrack and Chances Are on the America’s Sweethearts soundtrack, both in stores now! Succumb to the sound.