Hot Boys – Guerrilla Warfare

Hot Boys
Artist: Hot Boys
Title: Guerrilla Warfare
Label: Cash Money
Rating: 7/10

If your rap knowledge and experience consists of only Will Smith and Puff Daddy, you probably aren’t ready for the Hot Boys.

The Hot Boys formed in ’97 and boasts what would seem like a rap all-star team: with Juvenile, best known for “Ha”, B.G. (Baby Gangster), Lil Wayne, and Young Turk. You may first think they’re part of the No Limit crew since their covers are taken straight from their New Orleans rivals, but don’t mistake the Cash Money Clich for anything other than they are: Hot Boys.

“We On Fire” is a fistful of boasts that smack you in the face like a bridge. “Respect My Mind” allows Lil Wayne to run free as he hypnotizes you with the most unmistakable voice since Eazy-E. The track works on being serious, but is funny at times with lyrics like “Respect my mind/ or I’ll fuck your bitch”. “Boys At War” is another great song combining crazy rhymes with old school beats.

The album also allows some of the Hot Boys to do show their solo prowess. B.G. busts first with “Help”. The track is well produced as unusual backbeats mix with techno, a brass section, and high octane twists and turns that seem to travel in a direction that B.G. is always one step ahead of. You can’t help but like Lil Wayne. His voice is the most unique voice you’ll hear in rap today. At times he sounds like a little kid, one second later you’ll mistake him for a female rapper, then he is twisting his words so quickly you don’t know what to think. Juvenile scores next on “You Dig” with the foot stopping beat of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” helping out the flow. Juvenile’s style is remarkable, it combines the rhyming style of Busta Rhymes with the in your face style of Tupac. Young Turk comes next with “Bout Whatever”. He has a tough act to follow, but doesn’t shrink from the task.

Each Hot Boy has his own style, flow, and ego. Together they are unstoppable. This is the best rap album of the summer. If you like any of these guys on their own then you’ll enjoy them that much more as they perform with their cliche. So break out your camouflage and get ready for Guerilla Warfare.

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